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About EdMed 

The world around us is constantly changing as global boundaries shrink due to a multitude of forces. International education continues to grow in importance, numbers (more international schools and more educators), and geographic footprint, expanding to all corners of the globe. In this rapidly evolving scenario, international educators need stable, dependable, and affordable delivery of services custom-tailored to their needs. Educational Services Worldwide (ESW) is a company committed to cater to the specific service requirements of international schools and educators. By offering a single point of contact for a range of services at competitive rates, it is our endeavour to save you time, money, and trouble.

With over 20+ years of experience in international education, our founders have a deep understanding of the significance of international schools and educators to their host countries and communities. They understand that high quality health insurance is a significant component of a successful institution.

At ESW, we believe that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our valuable customers. Our commitment to service is our foremost concern, and our greatest asset. It is our mission to provide wide insurance coverage, excellent service and prompt claims processing to international schools and educators.

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Our Goals

We follow the best business practices to support a highly mobile population of international educators and geographically diverse international schools. We aim to offer the best coverage anywhere in the world through global and local partnerships, as well as the latest technological innovations. As we cultivate a close relationship with our partners, we promise to customize and tailor the offering by way of different plans and a rich portfolio of services


Our Vision


ESW was established with the vision to be the most reputable and trusted provider of healthcare insurance to schools and educators worldwide. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide schools and educators with the best healthcare coverage and services suitable for their needs at the most affordable rates. Over the next few years, ESW aims to widen its coverage to more continents and countries and reach every international school.

Our Mission


ESW aims to provide international schools and educators with unrivalled coverage of the highest quality medical services, at a reasonable cost, wherever they are and suitable to their needs. We aim to secure a strong reputation by always placing our customers first and achieving our goals of high quality offerings and great service.

Our History


Founded over 20 years ago, ESW has come a long way in establishing itself as a leading provider of healthcare insurance to schools and educators all across the globe. Our presence has steadily grown over the last decade and a half, and today we service international schools and educators across three continents, spanning from Morocco to India. Keeping pace with the rapid pace of technological advancement, we have consistently provided excellent service, superb coverage, and customised plans to different international curricula schools that employ a cross section of nationalities of teachers. It’s a testament to our abilities and successful track record that our customers are completely satisfied and we have a high level of repeat business.


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